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Grooming Pricing Policy

(Effective 04/01/2008)


There will be a base price for each breed based upon the coat being in good condition.  Every breed will have its own base price.  For mixed breeds, we will group them with the breed that they resemble the most. The following additional charges may be added to any base price:

De-matting: $20 per hour

Temperament difficulties: $5-$10

Larger than average size for the breed: $5-$10

Shave down due to heavy matting: $10-$20

For clients who haven’t been here within the past six months, an additional surcharge of $25-$50 will apply. These once/twice per year customers can be twice the work for us and place additional wear and tear on our equipment.

We have a new club called the “purrfurred client club” and it offers special discounts and incentives to regular clients that come in at least every 5 weeks.  We hope that everyone accepts the opportunity to join the “purrfurred client club”. Naturally, a client that is on a regular grooming schedule has a healthier coat, better temperament, and is overall happier. Which in turn, is a huge benefit for both the pets and the stylists. We are able to pass on the savings of our time and equipment expense for our “purrfurred clients.”

There are 3 groom packages that you may chose from consisting of the Basic package, Deluxe package, and the Premium package.  There are also add-ons that you may wish to include.  Some of the add-ons are soft paws, nail painting, flea shampoo, medicated shampoo, and Frontline Plus.