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We offer pet grooming for all breeds. We also offer boarding and Doggie Daycare in our Pet Hotel. See our specials page to learn more about the Doggie Daycare. See below for more about our grooming packages.



Basic Package

·        Toenails clipped

·        Ears cleaned (hair plucked if needed)

·        Anal glands expressed

·        Shampoo and Conditioner

·        Fluff drying

·        Brush and comb all over (dematting is extra)

·        Deshedding (on all breeds that shed)

·        Choice of bows or bandannas

·        Sweet cologne

·        Lots of TLC


Deluxe Package

·        All of the above, Plus

·        Trimming privates

·        Trimming rear area

·        Shaving out the pads of the feet

·        Trimming the tops of feet (if needed)

·        Cleaning out under the eyes

·        Trimming bangs


Premium Package

·        All of the above 2 packages, Plus

·        Full body haircut

·        Trimming of legs and feet

·        Trimming of face and head

·        Scissor work

“Purrfurred client club”

This is a special club that we are offering to our “purfurred clients”.

Purfurred clients” are those who preschedule their appointments at least every 5 weeks.  These clients receive special discounts and extra incentives.

“Purfurred clients” receive 10% off any grooming package.  They can mix and match packages and still save the 10%.  You can choose to get the Basic package every (X) amount of weeks and then get the Premium package every (X) amount of weeks, etc.

Example:  Shih-tzu wants to schedule every 2 months for Premium package but also wants to be in the “purfurred client club”.  They can schedule a Basic package (bath) in between the full grooming and still get a discount:  
4 weeks/Basic package                $24.00 - $2.40 = $21.60

4 weeks/Premium package          $38.00 - $3.80 = $34.20

(The prices listed above are just estimates for a small dog)


 We hope that everyone accepts the opportunity to join the “purrfurred client club”.  You can decide to join at any time and change your mind at any time.  It is all determined by your last appointment (within the 5 weeks). Naturally, “purfurred clients” will be on a regular grooming schedule and will have a healthier coat, better temperament, and be overall happier. Which in turn, is a huge benefit for both the pets and the stylists. We are able to pass on the savings of our time and equipment expense for our “purrfurred clients.”